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Family Studies Book Study

I like to add reading into my classes whenever possible. I created this Family Studies Book Study as a supplemental to my course. The students choose a book and complete a book report on it outside of class. I give the assignment to them the first day, and give them reminders about every once in a while until the due date. In some way, I’m hoping to prepare them for college, where they are given all the assignments the first day and have to remember when to turn them in. Anyways, I chose a variety of books that deal with families, relationships, and struggles in growing up to help relate the information we cover in class to something that could possibly interest them. I also give the students the opportunity to choose the book they want if it’s not on the list, they just have to explain why it would relate to class. Because all the students in our school have a reading goal with AR points, I tried to find books they could read that would help them reach their AR goals as well.

Family Studies Book Study

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