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Often times, as FCS teachers, we have to be out of the classroom because of professional development or FCCLA. I try to find meaningful videos for my students to watch if I need to be gone and they aren’t completing assignments or projects. I watched  all of the Listen Series Videos when they first aired on BYU-TV. They are 25 minute videos that follow the life of a person from the time they are young until they reach young adulthood. Each one is different and has different trials they are faced with. (ALL TRUE STORIES). I found they work great in Human Growth and Development classes and in Family Studies courses when discussing the affects of family and relationships on the lifespan. Below is a link where you can watch the series online. They are also available for purchase, and you would get the complete set of videos. I created a couple of viewing guides for episodes we have watched in class. They are linked below too. Happy Watching!Listen

Listen Series Online

Viewing Assignment Sheets

Listen Series-Simon

Brotherhood. Zeke and Eli

Girl in the Mirror Listen

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