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Its been a long while since I have had anything to post about the major happenings going on in my classroom. This is probably because my life has been consumed by one tiny little soul, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. “Baby James” joined our family in December, and before that, I was frantically trying to get prepared for maternity leave while also feeling the effects of the longest pregnancy ever!

I am still currently enjoying the wonderful time called “maternity leave”, while also stressing everyday about how I’m ever going to make it to work on time with two kids, and knowing it is totally possible because I see other moms doing it all the time.  I strongly believe I would go back to work sooner if I could just take my son with me, but since I can’t, I’ll continue to enjoy what little time I have left at home (down to two weeks left).

This site was created in the beginning as a way to show how I was using different resources created by others and by myself in the Family and Consumer Sciences classroom, and while I want to maintain that as the main portion of the site, I am also going to add in a few more details of life outside of teaching, and my effort to find a work/life/parent balance in it all.

So for now, here is a little preview of what I get to enjoy everyday right now, as I figure out how to be the mom of two kids! IMG_0631.jpg

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