Kitchen Math Stations

To review kitchen math basics and measuring skills, I used this great resource from TpT. I cut up the different task cards and put them into groups. Students were paired up and given 5 minutes at each station to complete the task cards at each station. At the end, we reviewed and discussed different cards that the students had questions. It was a great and easy way to keep students engaged, learning, and moving around while in class.

Here is the resource I bought for the stations on TpT.

Career Dodecahedron

I loved this project my students in Career and Life Planning created. As their final project in our career unit, students created a career dodecahedron about one specific career that relates to their interests. It was a new visual way for students to learn more about a career they are interested in. I used this resource from Hello Fifth on TpT: Dodecahedron.

It can be used for any project and is a great resource for multiple grade levels. I already have plans for another project using this resource in another class. Students used all the templates provided and mixed and matched to make their project work best for them. 

Because I love the FCCLA STAR Event: Career Investigation, I used the requirements of that event as a starting point to create the requirements for this project as well. You can download the resource I created for my students as their assignment sheet attached below.