Classroom Resources

FCS Substitute Grid Activity

Several teachers have requested access to my Substitute Grid Activity that I use when I need to be gone and don’t have time to prep a lesson for a substitute teacher, or the overwhelming dread of the 6:00 AM lesson planning because of sickness.

I have found this is a great way to keep students engaged and occupied as well as easy for any substitute teacher to come into my room and use. Depending on the class length, I will assign students to complete at least one or three during class. I want them to be working the whole class period, so I vary the number of assignments they need to complete based on the class and how much time they are in my room.

I received several different resources over the years that have been similar to this grid that I have used as a guideline and base for my own grid. *This is not my work, but more a new version of other great teachers resources*.

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