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QR Code Employability Skills Lesson

One of my favorite classes to teach is Career and Life Planning, probably because I see the importance of the class so much for the future success of my students. One of the key things that is often discussed at advisory council meetings and with members of the community and business owners, is the need for students to have “soft skills” or employability skills. Because of that, I have worked to make an unit that focuses directly on skills that students will need in the workplace.

My students love to get out of their seats and move around. Add in a scavenger hunt and their phones, and they are ready to go. This lesson has QR codes that link to videos and articles about different skills that employers find important in the workplace. It also includes a review quiz, and a fun meme creating assignment that relates to skills needed in the workplace.

Here are a few of the memes my students created this year during this lesson.

When students were done, I added in a few assignments from the Career Connection National Program with FCCLA. FCCLA has great resources you can use if you have an FCCLA chapter at your school.

Below is the link to all the resources I used for the QR code lesson.

Employability Skills Lesson

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