Marketing your FCCLA and FCS Program-Take AIM 2019

Welcome to my website fellow FCCLA teachers. Below you will find links to all the items we talked about today so you can use them as a reference of ways to market your programs in your schools and communities.

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Kitchen Math Stations

To review kitchen math basics and measuring skills, I used this great resource from TpT. I cut up the different task cards and put them into groups. Students were paired up and given 5 minutes at each station to complete the task cards at each station. At the end, we reviewed and discussed different cards that the students had questions. It was a great and easy way to keep students engaged, learning, and moving around while in class.

Here is the resource I bought for the stations on TpT.

Career Dodecahedron

I loved this project my students in Career and Life Planning created. As their final project in our career unit, students created a career dodecahedron about one specific career that relates to their interests. It was a new visual way for students to learn more about a career they are interested in. I used this resource from Hello Fifth on TpT: Dodecahedron.

It can be used for any project and is a great resource for multiple grade levels. I already have plans for another project using this resource in another class. Students used all the templates provided and mixed and matched to make their project work best for them. 

Because I love the FCCLA STAR Event: Career Investigation, I used the requirements of that event as a starting point to create the requirements for this project as well. You can download the resource I created for my students as their assignment sheet attached below. 


Game Day Friday

As a teacher, I have noticed the lack of our students spending time actually interacting and talking to each other throughout the day. Most of the their time spent communicating occurs on a phone rather than through face-to-face interaction. Because of this, I have chosen to implement a Game Day Friday for part of class. One major soft skills that students need in the workplace is communication skills and being able to work with others. What better way to build these skills than be playing a good board game.

Students spent time playing a variety of games that required them to communicate with each other, problem solve, and spend time talking to one another, face to face. It has been watching them interact and work together and actually talk to another.


Its been a long while since I have had anything to post about the major happenings going on in my classroom. This is probably because my life has been consumed by one tiny little soul, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. “Baby James” joined our family in December, and before that, I was frantically trying to get prepared for maternity leave while also feeling the effects of the longest pregnancy ever!

I am still currently enjoying the wonderful time called “maternity leave”, while also stressing everyday about how I’m ever going to make it to work on time with two kids, and knowing it is totally possible because I see other moms doing it all the time.  I strongly believe I would go back to work sooner if I could just take my son with me, but since I can’t, I’ll continue to enjoy what little time I have left at home (down to two weeks left).

This site was created in the beginning as a way to show how I was using different resources created by others and by myself in the Family and Consumer Sciences classroom, and while I want to maintain that as the main portion of the site, I am also going to add in a few more details of life outside of teaching, and my effort to find a work/life/parent balance in it all.

So for now, here is a little preview of what I get to enjoy everyday right now, as I figure out how to be the mom of two kids! IMG_0631.jpg

Monster Career Activity

Today is Halloween, which is not my favorite holiday, but I wanted to embrace it anyways, and therefore I created this activity for my students in Career and Life Planning.

We are currently in our Career Unit for the class, and I wanted an activity that would be engaging, allow them to work together and be creative while also still relating to the unit we are studying. So, I created this Monster Career Project.

Students were split into pairs and were given the directions listed on the assignment sheet. They only had about an hour to complete the assignment because we had cookies as a treat for today, so they had to stay on task and work.

Here are a few pictures of our monsters and career advertisements that were created today. img_3072

9 Months That Made You

We just finished covering prenatal development and birth in my human growth and development class. As a part of this unit, we were able to watch the documentary series the 9 Months That Made You. It is available to purchase through PBS, and it is also on Netflix.

Image result for 9 months that made you

My students loved it. The stories were extremely interesting and also relevant to what we were discussing in class. It was really intriguing to see how different parts of pregnancy affect the life of a human and how genetics plays such a huge role in our development.

I created a guide for each episode and they are available on my TpT store: Episode Guides 

These would be great for when you need to be out of the classroom, or as a way to reinforce content that has already been taught. I would highly suggest using this documentary series as a resource in your classroom!