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QR Code Employability Skills Lesson

One of my favorite classes to teach is Career and Life Planning, probably because I see the importance of the class so much for the future success of my students. One of the key things that is often discussed at advisory council meetings and with members of the community and business owners, is the need… Continue reading QR Code Employability Skills Lesson

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FCS Substitute Grid Activity

Several teachers have requested access to my Substitute Grid Activity that I use when I need to be gone and don't have time to prep a lesson for a substitute teacher, or the overwhelming dread of the 6:00 AM lesson planning because of sickness. I have found this is a great way to keep students… Continue reading FCS Substitute Grid Activity

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Marketing your FCCLA and FCS Program-Take AIM 2019

Welcome to my website fellow FCCLA teachers. Below you will find links to all the items we talked about today so you can use them as a reference of ways to market your programs in your schools and communities. Our Facebook Page: Instagram: Twitter: @leadersofmerica Newsletter-SampleDownload FCS Course Descriptions 2019Download fccla-flyer-2019Download

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Kitchen Math Stations

To review kitchen math basics and measuring skills, I used this great resource from TpT. I cut up the different task cards and put them into groups. Students were paired up and given 5 minutes at each station to complete the task cards at each station. At the end, we reviewed and discussed different cards… Continue reading Kitchen Math Stations

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Flannel Story Board Project

Students in Foundations to Early Childhood are finishing out the year with a service project! They are currently creating pieces that can be used as part of a story board for classroom teachers to tell stories, or for young children to use during story time. When they are done, we will be donating all of… Continue reading Flannel Story Board Project