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Kitchen Math Stations

To review kitchen math basics and measuring skills, I used this great resource from TpT. I cut up the different task cards and put them into groups. Students were paired up and given 5 minutes at each station to complete the task cards at each station. At the end, we reviewed and discussed different cards… Continue reading Kitchen Math Stations

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Flannel Story Board Project

Students in Foundations to Early Childhood are finishing out the year with a service project! They are currently creating pieces that can be used as part of a story board for classroom teachers to tell stories, or for young children to use during story time. When they are done, we will be donating all of… Continue reading Flannel Story Board Project

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Stromboli Lab

As we begin the downhill slope to the end of the year, I like to work through the section of the MyPlate Diagram and have students prepare dishes for each group. For the Grains group, we made Stromboli. Students first did a small Webquest on basic grain information, then watched a demonstration on how to… Continue reading Stromboli Lab

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Exercise Tasting in Nutrition and Wellness

As part of our overall wellness unit, today we did an "Exercise Tasting" activity to give students a chance to try out a variety of different exercises. I did include Meditation as one of the exercises, because exercising and calming the mind is an important part of overall wellness. I am blessed to have access… Continue reading Exercise Tasting in Nutrition and Wellness

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Personal Nutrition Analysis

As we moved into Personal Nutrition in my Nutrition and Wellness class, I wanted to find a way to personalize this unit to make it real for my students.  To start, I gave each student a small notebook (fits in a pocket), and we talked about how many calories they needed a day for survival,… Continue reading Personal Nutrition Analysis

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District D STAR Event Results!

We traveled last Wednesday to District D STAR Events and here are the results of my students hard work and dedication to FCCLA! Tori -Fashion Construction-Silver Medal, State Qualifier     Emma -Life Event Planning-Gold Medal-State Qualifier     Tegan -Chapter Service Project-Silver Medal-State Qualifier   Gavin -Food Innovations-Gold Medal-State Qualifier     Trinity -Live… Continue reading District D STAR Event Results!